Collection Development

The purpose of the Collection Development Policy is to guide the selection and maintenance of library materials to support the library in fulfilling its mission.

College and Library Mission

Clatsop Community College’s mission is to continually build an educational community that provides open access to quality learning opportunities that prepare the people of our region for productive participation in civic, cultural, social and economic life.

The Library’s mission supports the college’s mission by providing the resources, services, and instruction to support the teaching and learning of students, staff, faculty, and the greater community.

Intellectual Freedom

The CCC library subscribes to the principles of the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights statement, their Code of Ethics and their Freedom to Read Statement.

Materials will be added to the collection when judged necessary for the curriculum. No materials will be censored, and a balance of opinion in controversial issues will be maintained.

Scope of the collection

As a community college library, our collections focus on material suitable for lower division undergraduate students as well as resources for students in technical, vocational or professional programs. General factors to be taken into account are:

  • Relevance to curriculum based needs of students.
  • Relevance to instructional needs of the faculty.
  • Probable need based on existing programs and collections.
  • Intellectual content and scholarly worth.
  • Current, in-print publications will generally be given priority over out-of-print publications.

The first priority will be to provide students and faculty materials that support the college’s credit courses and instructional programs. Materials supporting specific courses will take precedence, and materials supporting standard academic subjects in a broader way will have secondary priority.

Textbooks adopted for class use will not normally be purchased for the collection, as the library’s collections are not designed to supply students with required material for specific classes. Instructors wishing to reserve textbooks are responsible for obtaining them. The library will not routinely purchase consumable materials such as workbooks or tests.

For those members of the college community whose scholarly or research needs are beyond the scope of the library collection, the library staff will help to identify, locate and borrow such materials through interlibrary loan.

A collection of popular reading materials and videos will be held to promote pleasure reading and library usage. Funds supporting this collection will be primarily raised by the Friends of the Library group.

The library will not purchase materials in obsolete or near-obsolete formats.

Selection Tools

The CCC library uses a variety of selection tools, including reputable reviewing media, professional library literature, faculty recommendation and bibliographic resources from institutions with similar instructional programs.

Criteria used for the selection of materials:

  • Currency and quality of content
  • Timeliness and lasting value
  • Reputation of the author or publisher
  • Depth of current holdings in the subject

Request for Purchase

In addition to the selection tools, the library supports a patron-driven model for collection development. All requests by students and faculty alike, are seriously considered.

Donated Materials

The library welcomes gifts of materials that are consistent with the collection development policy and provided there are no restrictions attached as to their disposition.

Because all items added to the collection generate processing and storage costs, materials received as gifts will be evaluated by the same criteria as materials purchased. Gifts are accepted with the understanding that materials not added to the collection will be disposed of in ways most advantageous to the library.

Collection Maintenance

In order to maintain a viable and up-to-date collection, the library will periodically evaluate sections of the collection and identify items to withdraw. Items may be withdrawn because of condition, lack of use, or because they contain outdated or incorrect information. Items may be replaced, either by a new copy or edition of the same work, or by another more recent work that is similar. Replacement will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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