Honors 101


Deac Guidi:

Candice Watkins:

Honors 101 Syllabus (.docx 21KB)

Important Links for Starters

Dropbox - use this only to upload your audio files. Email your other assignments to both Deac and Candice.

Electronic Frontier Foundation - Privacy - a great starting point in understanding the broad landscape of privacy issues

The Craft of Research - textbook - we use this only sometimes but it's available for free online

CRAAP evaluation criteria (.pdf 70.4KB)

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bib Guidelines (.docx 15KB)

Annotated Bib Example (.docx 13KB)

Annotated Bib Grading Rubric (.doc 37KB)- remember, this is the rubric that will be used for your final annotated bibliography. We also use it to grade your single annotated assignments. Keep that in mind when viewing the categories - for a single assignment, we don't expect you to have 8 sources. That would apply only to the final assignment.


Outline example (.docx 17KB)

Outline rubric (.doc 36KB)




Radio Diaries

Bruce Ballenger's Writing 121 students - audio essays (scroll down to Student Sound Projects)

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