In Libraries I Believe!


In Libraries I Believe is a collection of audio interviews and essays from community members about the importance of libraries and librarians in our community. Clatsop Community College Library Director, Candice Watkins, produced the project in collaboration with Kathleen Morgaine of Coast Community Radio: KMUN, and the Oregon Library Association. Together, Watkins and Morgaine spent a year collecting essays, interviewing key community members, and putting the pieces together to form a narrative surrounding libraries.

The first show (running time: 30 minutes) showcases a number of voices. The first is Isaiah Mohr, a young man at the Oregon Youth Authority. Isaiah shares his passion for reading and words. The show then turns its focus to school libraries. Watkins interviews three teens and a high school teacher about the need for more education in how to find, evaluate, and use information – commonly referred to as information literacy.

Individual essays/interviews within the first show:

  • Isaiah Mohr - a young man serving time at the Oregon Youth Authority in Warrenton, Oregon
  • Rachel Speakman - a student at Astoria High School
  • Jessica West - a teacher at Warrenton High School


The second show (running time: 30 minutes) has a broader focus that includes essays and interviews from a variety of perspectives:

Individual essays/interviews within the second show:

  • Alison Ruch – a teacher and writer in Astoria
  • Drew Herzig – city council member
  • David Mooney – a homeless man who frequented the college library during the summer of 2013
  • Bob Pyle – renowned nature writer and lepidopterist (a scientist that studies moths and butterflies)

The project was also highlighted in the Daily Astorian's Coast Weekend.

One of the goals of the project was to combine “truth” and “narrative.” Watkins was inspired by the work of a non-profit, The Center for Story-Based Strategy. This organization describes truth as being the research and data that supports an advocacy effort. The narrative, on the other hand, translates into meaning and how it can successfully strike a chord in an audience. Furthermore, narrative goes beyond the telling of a story. In order to create true narrative, the work must be collaboratively based with two or more organizations working together to communicate a message through various mediums. This creates a shared narrative that is more powerful than a mere story. The Center for Story-Based Strategy describes a successful advocacy campaign as containing both truth and shared narrative.

In Libraries I Believe, therefore, strives to harness the collaboration and shared vision between Clatsop Community College Library, Coast Community Radio: KMUN, and the Oregon Library Association. Watkins, then, ties community members’ stories together with the truth, or research, about the impact of libraries and librarians on communities. The ultimate hope is to highlight the role of this institution and its professionals in our community.

Enjoy the shows and let Candice know what you think!



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