Marine Construction Techniques

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With Nelson Latraverse


1. Skin care and proper clothing used for fiberglass repairing (1:58)

2. Materials used in fiberglass repair and their applications (4:57)

3. Methods of cutting and trimming fiberglass cloth (3:57)

4. Applying fiberglass cloth and resin to the surface and flow-coating (5:10)

5. Mistakes made when fiberglassing (3:27)

6. Removal of bubbles in fiberglass cloth and repairing of holes (6:37)

7. Fiberglass cleanup methods (5:03)

8. Painting Equipment (7:49)

9. The cleanup of painting equipment (2:43)

10. Different Undercoating for smooth painting (5:04)

11. The brush and roller method of applying enamel paint (3:01)

12. How to make a wood scarf joint (12:07)


Produced by the Clatsop Community College Television Department, 1981

Funded by the NOAA Sea Grant

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