Net Mending Techniques

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With Ward Nichols


1. Two-seam eastern trawl net (explanation of all parts) (9:51)

2. Explanation of webbing; How to hang for repair; Pickup Meshes; Side knots (4:58)

3. Mending to the left; Mending to the right (5:36)

4. Mending a 3-to-1 taper (9:13)

5. Mending a 3-to-1 taper, additional practice (19:59)

6. One bar repair; Three knot repair; Straight line repair (11:48)

7. Cutting a fast taper; Mending a torn taper (10:34)

8. Trimming a torn section; explanatoin and cutting of tapers (9:33)

9. Selvage tapers (6:26)

10. Introduction to and filling of mending needles (7:01)

11. Attaching rib lines to the taper (7:24)

12. Locking or "Logger's" Cable splice (11:12)


Produced by the Clatsop Community College Television Department, 1981

Funded by the NOAA Sea Grant


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